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So today I finally got my copy of Dreams of Gods and Monsters, the last monstrously huge instalment in Laini Taylor's trilogy.


I loved, LOVED the first book, messed up pacing/structure, cliffhanger, insta-love and all. But I didn't attack the second volume when it came out. My TBR pile is forever threatening to collapse and bury me, so it wasn't for a rainy day.

No, I decided I would wait.


Normally, I'm an instant gratification kind of girl, but I restrained myself. I'm less willing, these days, to parse up my reading. I like to enjoy things in one fell swoop. The more complex a story, the more I want to pay attention and keep it all fresh. I'm also the queen of re-reads. I love doing it, but I realize that it's detrimental to making any significant progress on my TBR list. So I wouldn't say refresher reads are a waste of time, but its more a matter of being an adult now and having so much less time for myself than I used to. I have less and less free time and mind space to devote to remembering all the small details of a story, and that's only going to get worse, unfortunately.


So I'm ridiculously happy this last one is finally out so that I can read the one that came before it.