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Putting on my internet Face

Been taking the time this week to figure out this internet thing and my place in it. So far I've only been lurking around various social book sites and a forum here and there. Now there's the problem of my actually creating content in the forms of review and blog posts. 


I like to have control over what I create, so I've been making lots of efforts lately to find out just how to do that.


Hence my new BookLikes profile, my new-ish blog (which I will link to eventually, once I've finished wrestling with the dashboard and theme)


I'm horribly aware that I'm at the bottom of the learning curve, so I'll appreciate any help from those of you more experienced folks.


I've already found some familiar "faces", so I was quite happy to see all the new follows in my notifications.


I haven't given up entirely on Goodreads, but its more like an old coat that I don't quite fit anymore. I like to repurpose things, so instead of throwing it away I might just cut it up and find some other use for it. A little purse for Galley reviews or something.


Despite all the mental exhaustion and backaches from all this technical learning, I'm quite excited about all this.


So, Hello BookLikes, lets see what comes next.