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On the Edge (The Edge, Book 1)

On the Edge -  Ilona Andrews The cheesy cover really turned me off, but a friend swore I'd enjoy it, so I got a book cover and dove in. I liked it less than she thought, but there were a lot of small things I did like, and a few big things I really did not like.

The Good Stuff: First of all, I loved that Andrews weaved in the voices of the two young brothers, making them so vivid and distinct from each other and giving them their own unique problems and stories. I found myself wondering what a book of their own might be like. I really enjoyed the Edge world that these characters lived in, with some interesting rules and a culture all its own. The story has some quirk and spunk, but I also liked how easily Andrews could wipe off my smile with some sombre and dark moments. The pacing was rather too quick to allow any true dread and horror to build up - if less had happened in the story they might have truly frightened me and had me biting my nails. I blame this not on a lack of ability of the authors but on the male protagonist, Declan, who is, incidentally, my biggest problem with the book.

The Bad Stuff: Declan. He belongs in a bodice ripper. He's cookie cutter fluff, too perfect predictable and sadly un-endearing. He fits the schmaltzy romance the awful cover promises - but I found this to be an excellent Urban Fantasy in Romance clothes and trying too hard to fit into them. I think the book would have been amazing without him and was only "okay" with him. He also kind of cheapens the story by wrapping things up in a very neat as a bow ending that left a bad taste in my mouth (like eating chocolate right after brushing your teeth). Without SPOILING anything too much, there was a much better alternative to Declan which makes his existence that much more baffling to me. Knights in shining armour have their place, but I don't think he belonged in this particular story.