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Sense and Sensibility (Penguin Classics)

Sense and Sensibility  - Jane Austen While I can't say I enjoyed S&S, I did appreciate the story itself. The split in the title can represent a possible split in the audience: would you relate more to the practical and Sensible Elinor or with the vivacious and strong opinioned Marrianne? I've never been a very "romantic" person, so naturally my sympathies were heavily with Elinor, though I admit that I think she sold herself short in the end. As for Marianne, I had to force myself to keep reading through her presence since several times she made me want to give it up with her manic self-absorbed antics. I really disliked the Sorrow of Young Werther and Marrianne very much reminded me of Werther, and even though she comes to realize her very large shortcomings in the end, she's still no more reasonable. Austen clearly demonstrates the extremes of a sensible woman whose practicality stifles her own chances at happiness and a high spirited woman whose lack of caution hurts not only herself but those around her.

I might read it again for the interesting social commentary it provides, it's not nearly as enjoyable as P&P which I read for pleasures sake.