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Darcy's Story

Darcy's Story - Janet Aylmer A big part of Darcy's allure is his mystery. For a main character he's quite under-developed. Austen had a lot to say about society but not much about Darcy himself as a person. While he is the Progenitor of the coldly polite and handsome brooding hero, he still is a person and not just an archetype. SO, obviously I'm going to jump at the opportunity to get in his head and see through his eyes.

The first chapter did not impress me, and I was dismayed that the whole book would be more of the same. It's mostly the language and style: blocky, cramped and stilted. Aylmer tries to get out too much information too quickly and with none of the ease or charm of Austen's P&P style. To expect someone to write just like Austen IS ridiculous but it seemed like she was either trying too hard or not enough in her emulation. She improves though, thankfully, when there's more feeling and action. However, part of this is simply because she uses much of Austen's own writing and is frighteningly repetitive with some of it. Then I was dismayed yet again that the book would be a lame regurgitation. I was thinking that the mock-ish Zombie P&P had better characterization of Darcy than a book dedicated to him. But by Elizabeth's stay at Netherfield, Aylmer redeemed herself and I was rather impressed with the rest of her additions.

She did Darcy justice, though I have mixed feelings about the obvious fan-service towards the end. It was laced with the crazy liberties that other much less talented and less respectful writers take with this loved classic. I like the inclusion of her explanation at the end (as she should do, messing with a classic and all). In all, I was satisfied and sped through it like I do the original. There are far worse re-tellings out there.