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Arabella - Georgette Heyer While this is not the first of Heyer's novels that I've read, it was the one I was most interested in reading, because it seemed to promise the most repartee, and while it did deliver, most of it was between the lead male, Beaumaris, and the stray dog he picks up. While Arabella has her passion and purity, she sadly lacks the wit I was expecting. I really hate to think that all Heyer leads will be the mice in their feline husbands games. This may be precipitate since this is only my second Heyer novel (the first having been The Convenient Marriage), but I'm suspecting a Heyer "template": Rich bored aristocrat goes all out to win the "enchanting" and impudent female and wins her over by aiding the pockets and reputations of her brother and family. I nearly called Beaumaris "Rule" and Bertram "Pelham". They had not the same character but fit the same mold. While I loved Rule for his irreverence, I think I enjoyed Beaumaris better since he is more the cynic and less the rake. And I have to say that I really dislike how Heyer describes the women, her relations and her toillettes so well and with so much detail but almost entirely neglects the hero's description. I know its supposed to be vague to allow your imagination to run but there's something wrong when I can envision a smart blue coat with lapels and pantaloons, but no real body inhabiting it nor face and head seated above it.