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Black Blade Blues - J.A. Pitts There's alot of interesting things going on in this book, but I'm not sure all of it came together well.

I was a little blindsided by the f/f relationship, nothing in the blurb or cover suggested as such to me, which was a pleasant surprise. The author, despite being a man, writes the female perspective pretty convincingly. What wasn't pleasant, however, was just how much of the book centered on this relationship and the characters issues with sexuality, which adds up to about half the entire book. It was was all very well done, but I had expected an entertaining read, something "lite". This had much more substance than I was in the mood for. I really felt for Beau and while I did like the peek into a torn psyche, it became so heavy and central that I couldn't help thinking often, "ok, enough, on with the dragons and the end of the world." Then I got my wish and that's where the book kind of fell apart for me. The huge battle at the end was stupefying. There was a long garbled and physics bending fight in a helicopter that I couldn't wrap my head around. Then there was this last section that felt like nothing more than really bad fan-fiction based in Norse mythology. Gah, and it had, of all hateful things, one of those characters who is sitting on very vital and relevant information for no real reason other than that the author isnt ready to let you know yet. The wrapping up was good, but I really wish there was more focus on the Dragon foes and the world they lived in. Honestly, that was the story I had been expecting, and I'll be honest, the one I'd rather have read.

I want to see Beau more comfortable with herself and see how she and Katie develop, but nothing else impressed me enough to wanna pick up the next book. I didn't hate it but there was too much wrong for me to really enjoy it. The characters are great (except the villain), the ideas are interesting but they just don't come together well for me.

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